Note: Due to the variations in colors displayed by different computer monitors it is recommended that these sample colors be used to show the variety of color offered and to gain a rough estimate of the desired color. However, to obtain an exact color match please contact us for a physical color sample.
Alsco / Hastings


Norandex / Reynolds

Color # Color Name Color Sample
30 TWK   30 White   
80 TWL   80 White   
AD TAD   Almond   
CI TAI   Colonial Ivory  
RB TRB   Royal /
Federal Brown
BL 200   Black   
CD TCK   Coastal Dune   
GRY 055   Gray   
TE 253   Terratone   
SR 714   Sierra   
JT 067   Jefferson Tan   
LN 034   Linen   
FG TFG   Forest Green   
MB TMK   Musket Brown   
HO THO   Hickory Oak   
HG TPW   Heritage Gray   
RW TRZ   Rosewood   
CHM 049   Champaigne   
BGE 050   Beige   
CRM 051   Cream    
WT 052   Wheat   
TAN 054   Tan   
SLV 056   Silver   
CLY 057   Clay   
SND 058   Sand   
SST TSA   Sandstone   
DBZ 249   Dark Bronze    

 Alsco / Hastings

Color # Color Name Color Sample
130 130   30 White / Low
Gloss White
202 202   Royal Brown   
PG 102   Pearl Gray   
HKY 238   Hickory / Clay   
GG 204   Grecian Green   


Color # Color Name Color Sample
BG BG   Boston Gray   
WI WI   Wicker   
EG EG   Eggshell   
CP CP   Copper – Metal